FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL!!! We are speechless! to give us our own stage to show off our local band scene is better than money ANY DAY!!! I hope you enjoyed the DARMSTADT TROOPS! As always, being the tight crew that you are, we never felt uncomfortable. You guys truly understand the value of keeping people happy! I really had some tears leaving the fest this year (thanks for the megaphone)!! my highlights were seeing all of you again!!! (lets keep that small stage) ROCK FREAKS !!!! we love you! see you next year!!!!


New video out for DREAM!

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So it is official, VINCE is our new bassist. Since the first practice it just clicked. We started the jam machine and now it runs on its own beastly power and creativity has been flowing out ever since. I personally can not wait to start forming and recording these new sounds. So when you see us out and about give VINCE a warm welcome! So officially it is now 1 Italian, 1 African, 1 Swede, 1 Portuguese, and 1 NSA member.


just wanna stop in real quick and inform, we are half way through the MOTU tours for the begining of 2014, it has been a blast to say the least, to all of you who make out to our shows, we just want to give you a big THANK YOU! a whole tour report will be given once we have returned from berlin. sooo STAY TUNED!!!


All of us here would like to wish all you, HEAVY HOLIDAYS! Be safe and have fun!





Sooo, it has been a while since the last post due a lot happening, sorry about that! let us go back in time...

Freak Valley Fest

We were the first band and I have to tell you we would do it every year. The love that the crowd gives back to us is immeasurable, the bands that participated were egofree and full of love and the team, well what can you say about the most friendliest people who make strangers feel like family.... RAWK! that is what can easily be said about FVF. If you do not know it.... you are missing out! pure love! ...damn, now I sound like a hippy. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Directly after FVF we went into the Lofthaus studio and laid down the next tracks for our new album Heal Thy Self. The release date will be later this year, no worries we will inform you!! This album is a chaos star for me and the tracks have never laid closer to my heart, I hope it will be just as intense for you!

Tsukahara Fest

I guess there is a maximum age level due to the fact that I have never see so much youth. We were headlining this show but i guess it took a song or two for the crowd to warm up to us but afterwards it was all downhill from there. From calls for walls of death to mud pyramids, stage orgies and group hugs, all in all a fun show to play and nice bands to meet. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Still hanging around the studio doing some overdubs and mixing and getting the text ready for the most epic album artwork we have ever had.... more about that later though.

Next up! ORANGE FUKIN GOBLIN support  is just less than a month away, see you there!           ....look to the right of the screen


bill - BF



Bushfire - Heal Thy Self Album Cover


28.06.14 - Rock am Tännchen, Weiterstadt

23.08.14 - tba

27.09.14 - secret show

02.10.14 - BF10year party - DA - Öttinger villa


17.10.14 - 02.11.14  M.O.T.U. TOUR - dates and venues coming soon!

MORE TO COME - stay tuned!