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Welcome to the new page!
We’ve been busy getting a lot done in the past months so sorry for all the silence. As you may have heard we are releasing our new album “WHEN DARKNESS COMES” on 27.10.17 in the Krone, here in Darmstadt, with our good buddies from Terrotika (, who will preform the after show party! Don’t miss it! It will be a CD release only because the vinyl production companies are way overbooked, and that’s a good thing if you think about it. Once the vinyls have arrived we will have a second release in Siegen at the Vortex 27.01.18 if all goes as planned. Fingers crossed. Again we will have the first 300 of them numbered in blood and preordering will begin in December.

While away, we have had some time to organize some visual entertainment for some of the new tracks as well, so have a look. Just click the links. The first, although not the album version, this live recorded and filmed version really does capture “The Conflict” perfectly. Filmed by the Terrotika film crew and recorded by Rene Hofmann.

…Next up, “Zombi” this totally animated gem captures the essence of the track to the T. In collaboration with DADIVE STUDIOS (, we created a lyric video that hits the nail on the head, call it a sign of the times if you will.

…Now, just recently released, in this next video we tried to lighten up the mood a bit and have a laugh on ourselves. We truly could not have pulled this off without the help of some good friends and the SCHNITTSACHE FILM STUDIOS ( It took a lot of planning and a lot of organizing and approvals to get the planets to align for the video “DIE TRYING” but it came together perfectly and we hope you can have as much fun viewing as we had filming. ENJOY! (another is in the works as well)

So snoop around the site and don’t forget to check out our tour dates (more TBA) and the merch store for all the latest goodies that we have to offer.

See you out there! BUSHFIRE

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