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Little Update

We’ve added a show on September 7 in Riedstadt at Wutzdog Festival. We’re happy Wutzdog is back after their hiatus and that we’re able to support this benefit festival at their new location Bensheimer Hof. Also a heads up that we are planning to enter the studio later this year to record our new LP. […]

New Bushfire Bassist

Yo, BILL here, on behalf of BUSHFIRE. Well you might have noticed we’ve been off the radar for quite some time. And trust me, it’s not been easy. Understanding. For me this means in these almost 20 years as a BUSHFIRE member, in this band you must have a love for music and share with […]

Thank You Desertfest!

Yeah, thank YOU: all of the people involved in making this massive, perfectly organized festival happen, all the stage, sound and light crew, bar & catering & merch people and, most of all, everybody attending our and all the other amazing concerts at Desertfest Antwerp 2023. We just had a blast! It was a heavy […]

Signs of Life

Yes, BUSHFIRE is still very much alive! We’re working on new material and will hopefully release something this year (or maybe later…) In the meantime catch us at the shows we’ll be playing over the next months. Peace out!


🤘🏼WELCOME LUIS !! 🤘🏼  So yes, we’re still around, and we’re beyond happy to finally introduce you to Luis, our new rockin’ man on the rhythm guitar. Watch out for shows and new material here in 2022! (Pic by Thomas Kurek)  

A little Update

We are very much alive and well and carrying on even with losing our brother Marcus as a band member. This means that we are spending some time on focusing on ourselves and taking our time to find out where this adventure is taking us next. We will be playing some shows, with friends helping […]

+++ Statement: Marcus is leaving the band +++

Hey guys, this is Marcus writing, I need to share something with you… German version (for English version scroll down): _____ Liebe Freunde, schweren Herzens habe ich mich entschieden, meine geliebte Band Bushfire, die einen Großteil meines bisherigen Lebens mitbestimmte, zu verlassen.  Die Gründe sind privater Natur und werden daher hier nicht weiter erörtert. Um […]

Shop information

Some items (like our latest When Darkness Comes T-Shirt e.g.) are out of stock and temporary unavailable. We will inform you when the new charge has arrived. Thanks for your understanding.

New Videos added!

Ladies & Terminators, we’ve been busy… you might have noticed that we’ve released a video for the song “Die Trying” a couple of weeks ago. This video has been added to the media page. Now… very fresh news… yesterday we’ve released our latest video “Shelter”, check it out here or in the media section. Thanks […]


Ladies and gentlemen, the brand new zipped hoodies have been added to our shop! We‘re selling them for 25€ plus shipping. Small WDC silkscreen print on the front, big silkscreen print on the back, color black, brand Fruit of the Loom. Happy shopping!

When Darkness Comes Vinyl added to the shop!

Words really can’t express our love and devotion to the ROCK FREAKS at the VORTEX in Siegen! It was an honor and privilege to showcase our latest album release, WHEN DARKNESS COMES, with our friends and family on this RAWKIN evening, THANK YOU for the ever warming hospitality and professionalism! We miss you already as […]

Vinyl numbering

Yesterday we spent some time to hand number the first 300 copies of our latest vinyl… in blood! That’s a bushfire tradition as you might know. Here’s the process: 1. create and print out 300 download codes 2. put a needle into Bill‘s veins and suck some blood 3. mix the blood with red ink […]


HEAVY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! Hope you’ll catch us at a show in 2018! Right after entering the new year we’ve got to know about a very nice compliment from Spain… Best top ten albums of the year 2017, #2… are you serious? Thank you, you rawk! Click here for more information!

Shop is online!

Ladies & Gentlemen, our online shop is ready to be used! You‘ll get all items also at our upcoming shows of course. The new WHEN DARKNESS COMES vinyl will be added after our LP release show on January 27th at the Vortex in Siegen!

Time to GIVE!! ———————————————————- Geben macht glücklich. Über den kompletten Monat Dezember gibt es diesen Song als Single hier zum Download. Alle Einnahmen spenden wir an: Gerne darfst du auch mehr spenden: Indem wir German Doctors helfen, helfen wir Menschen, die es bitter nötig haben. Schau dir ihre Website an, informier dich und denk daran: Wenn […]