Vinyl numbering

Yesterday we spent some time to hand number the first 300 copies of our latest vinyl… in blood! That’s a bushfire tradition as you might know.

Here’s the process:

1. create and print out 300 download codes
2. put a needle into Bill‘s veins and suck some blood
3. mix the blood with red ink
4. unpack 300 vinyls while wearing gloves to prevent finger prints
5. number the LPs
6. let them dry, put a sticker and a download code into the sleeve
7. pack the LPs

Funny side note: the last times it hasn’t been a problem to get Bill‘s blood. This time we‘ve had about 20 tries with two different sizes of needles until we could get any blood out of the old man. Lucky us! We thought he is already dead for a second… so if you meet him in the next days: no mosquito trip, no junkie shit! Just band effort!

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